Sparrosense drives

Learn how Sparrosense is helping industry leaders drive their revenues

Case study I

Scope to add additional 0.5 to 1 heat per day per furnace leading to extra production of upto 247 MT on a daily basis.

How Sparrosense Helped

Increase in steel production by 6-7%1

Ensuring timely prevention to increase furnace availability by 10-15min. per heat2

Real-time Whatsapp alerts to shed incharges, shift incharges, HODs and other authorities

Sparrosense identifies deviations & gaps, for example, delay in tapping times

Impact Details (EST.)

  • Current avg. heat time
    200 min
  • Current daily heats/furnace
  • Production per heat/furnace
    15 MT
  • Steel cost
    INR 30,000/MT
  • Daily production impact at 7%
    247.5 MT
  • Monthly revenue impact
    22 Cr
  • Monthly net profit impact
    2.2 Cr
  • Scope of anual profit increase
    20 Cr to 26 Cr
1—Assumption that only 50% of theoretical possible impact is achieved. 2—Assuming average furnace size of 15 T.

Case study II

Enabled INR 50 Cr to the top line and 5 Cr to bottom line on a monthly basis

How Sparrosense Helped

Extra steel production by 2 to 5%

Additional heats

Reduction in delays by 3 min. per heat

Real-time alerts to workers

Impact Details (EST.)

  • Avg. heat time
    100 min
  • Daily heats/shell
  • Production per heat
    250 MT
  • Steel cost
    INR 40,000/MT
  • Monthly revenue
    INR 1680 Cr
  • Currently monthly profit
    INR 168 Cr
  • Daily production impact at 2%
    420 MT
  • Monthly revenue impact
    50 Cr
  • Monthly net profit impact
    5 Cr

Case study III—a medium TMT steel plant Rs. 1600 Cr. annual revenue

SMS Floor monitoring for reducing delays in heats and improving capacity utilization

How Sparrosense Helped

Extra TMT production by upto 10%

Ensuring no delays in heat and no wastage of energy driving 10%+ productivity, all while improving quality

Tap-to-tap monitoring, ladle tracking, and CCM monitoring

Impact Details (EST.)

  • Daily Production Capacity
    1200 MT
  • Daily Production
    900 MT
  • Production per heat
    250 MT
  • TMT cost
    INR 40,000/MT
  • Daily production impact at 5%
    45 MT
  • Daily revenue impact
    18 L
  • Monthly revenue impact
    5.4 Cr
  • Monthly net profit impact
    54 L

Case study IV—a large aluminium recycling plant

Ensuring SOP for additional extraction of aluminium from Dross

How Sparrosense Helped

10% higher asset utilization

Cleaning and removal of pot in a timely manner

Ensuring no wastage due to overflow

Monitoring Dross loading time and processing time in the IDSM machine

Ensuring no delay in dross removal from furnace into IDSM machine

Impact Details (EST.)

  • Gross Dross produced
    4640 MT
  • Actual Dross
    (Metal recovered)
    2613 MT
  • % of Dross recovered
  • Cost of Aluminium
    INR 100/Kg
  • Actual Dross at 2% increase
    2707 MT
  • Value from additional
    aluminium recovered
    INR 93 L

Case study V—a large aluminium recycling plant

Fuel savings by preventing delays in furnace melting operation

How Sparrosense Helped

10% more heats with the same resources

Fuel saving by ensuring reduction in the cycle time by 23.3%

Improved asset and manpower utilization

Ensuring SOP followed leading to better quality of Ingots

Impact Details (EST.)

  • Average cycle time
    10.27 hrs
  • Total no. of Heats
  • Total oil consumed
    1174 MT
  • Average cost of oil
    INR 100/Kg
  • Est. decrease in cycle time
    2.27 h or 23.3%
  • Average cycle time
    8 hrs
  • Total no. of heats
  • Total oil consumed
    1330 MT
  • Value of total fuel saved
    INR 46.77 L

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