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How Video Analytics is driving Industry 4.0?

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Video analytics is an AI-powered solution which helps supervise the processes in a manufacturing unit even while being remote. It helps manufacturers and supervisors identify outliers in the outputs and deviations in the process and rectify them effectively.
how video analytics and smart manufacturing go hand in hand

How Video Analytics is driving Industry 4.0?

Have you ever wondered why industries these days are more efficient? Or how they end up producing ten or twenty times more than they used to just a decade back?


More and more industries, especially those into manufacturing, take another step into the world of automation. Sometimes it is done by using CPS or cyber physical systems, while other times it is using IoT or the internet of things.

In addition to these, another technology that is doing the rounds is what Silversparro is providing you with, video analytics using a software called Sparrosense

This shift towards automation or data-driven solutions in the industry is what we commonly term as Industry 4.0.

In other words, the use of AI-powered technologies in industries is industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0 or the fourth industrial revolution is aimed at using automation in manufacturing processes to provide better, more flexible and customized mass production options.

The basic idea behind industry 4.0 is to develop a social network where machines can communicate and interact with each other (Internet of Things, IoT) and with humans (Internet of People, IoP). Both IoT and IoP when combined together aim to provide a more efficient manufacturing environment.

IoT is how machines communicate with each other, IoP is how machines communicate with you. Source: Bitcoin.com

At a time when every manufacturing company is facing cut-throat competition, the need to make processes more efficient, both in terms of time and resources is a top priority. In addition to this, the need to make the output better with each successive day is also very high.

Now where does video analytics fit in all of this? The answer is simple again: Video analytics is an AI-powered solution which helps supervise the processes in a manufacturing unit even while being remote. It helps manufacturers and supervisors identify outliers in the outputs and deviations in the process. This allows the manufacturer to analyse the process and make the necessary adjustments, if required.

To make things simpler, let's take an example, suppose Mr Smith is assigned the job of overlooking the assembly line process of a heavy-machine manufacturing facility. Mr Smith does this by moving about in the facility, around the corner where the parts of the final product are combined together. He spends his day observing the process, identifying if there's an outlier and suggesting how to remove or rectify it.

Now imagine a tool like Sparrosense in action. When your manufacturing facility is equipped with Sparrosense, which is an AI-powered video analytics software, Mr Smith can sit in his office, or even at his home, and still be able to supervise the whole process.

But How?

Well, Sparrosense is fed the information as to what the process is, how it should be done and what the ideal output should be (thanks to machine learning). Now when Mr Smith is not at the facility, Sparrosense acts as his eyes and ears and being capable of identifying the outliers (in the output) or any deviation in the steps of the assembly line, provides real time alerts via SMS or WhatsApp and informs Mr Smith and he, in turn, without being in the facility can direct others to take care of the deviation or the outlier.

Simple, isn't it?

Imagine Sparrosense as a person observing the processes in the absence of Mr Smith and sending him alerts if anything goes wrong.
Mr Smith has all the alerts from the manufacturing facility on his cell phone, at the click of button. Source: Designli

Now what advantage Sparrosense offers over simple video-analytics software is that it can be customized. Meaning, you can teach Sparrosense what to do, when to do and it would do just that, and more.

Because it does not simply observe or identify differences in the expected and the actual outcome, but it also identifies where the process went wrong. Hence, Mr Smith can stay in his office or be on an official trip (or even go to Bali) without the fear of the process going wrong.

And this is why video-analytics software can be called the drivers of the industry 4.0. It is evident that software like Sparrosense, which use the power of video-analytics, are helping the industry become better and more efficient with every passing day by reducing errors, or to be precise, by identifying the causes and the steps of errors and hence providing the users a better understanding of the whole process without actually being physically present at the facility.

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